Book formats

We do not consider HTML as one of most important e-book formats. So we have no special plans for HTML support improvements.

On the other hand, if some feature will be implemented for the ePub format and it could be easy added for other formats, we will do this.

Font-family property is in our short list, horizontal rule is not.

No. It is not clear if third-party readers for .LIT files are legal or not. We do not want to discuss this question with Microsoft lawyers.

On the other hand, Microsoft has dicontinued their Reader product, so there will be no new books in .LIT format. This means that even if there is no problem with lawyers, we do not like to spend our time supporting an obsolete format.

You can run ConvertLit program to convert your .LIT files to standard ePubs (supported by FBReader).

As far as I know “Kindle format” is same as mobipocket book format. FBReader supports some *.mobi files, but does not support DRM-protected version. This means FBReader can open free Kindle books only.

FBReader for Android


By default FBReader uses system language for UI. Since version 1.7.7 there is an option “Inteface language” in “Appearance” section of the settings dialog.

Put your own background in png or jpg format into Wallpapers directory on the memory card of your device. Then it will be visible in “Colors & wallpapers->Background” section in FBReader settings.

Swipe your finger along the left edge of the screen. This will increase brightness if you swipe up and decrease if you swipe down.

On some (old) phones you have to switch off “automatic brightness” in device settings to enable this feature.


There are 2 ways.

You can put your book files into Books directory on the memory card of your device. (Or into another directory defined in Settings->Directories->Book path option.) All files in this directory will be automatically scanned by FBReader library service.

Alternatively you can manually open book you want to add to the library from Library->File system section. The book will be opened and added to the library.

In the library, tap on book item, hold for a second or two, then release. In the popup menu choose 'Delete book' item.

Long tap the book item in the library. In the popup menu select “Add to favourites”.


FBReader does support italic. However DroidSans font (used in FBReader by default) does not include italic variant on some devices. Try to change font family in FBReader settings.

Yes. Put your *.ttf and/or *.otf files into Fonts directory on the memory card. New fonts will be available in Text section of FBReader settings dialog.

You also can set up your own directories for fonts, in “Directories” section of the settings dialog.


First of all you have to install a TTS plugin. We recommend TTS+ plugin from Hyperionics.

If the plugin is already installed, select Speak item in the application main menu. This item is located at end of the menu, so if your device screen is small and you do not see the item, try to scroll the menu list.


All obsolete packages are available from our site. Replace X.Y.Z with a version number in the urls below:

  • (for Android 2.x)
  • (for Android 4.x and higher)

FBReader for linux


No. 0.99.* branch is unstable. We plan to release version 1.0 in late 2012, and setup debian repository for 1.0.

Thank you for the idea. We'd take a look after the 1.0 release.

Command line

Yes. You can pass '-zlui <ui-type>' option, where <ui-type> should me one of gtk, qt or qt4. (This option is not supported in newest beta 0.99 releases.)

You also can pass '-lang <lang-code>' option, where <lang-code> is a standard 2-letter language code, to specify interface language.

And of course you can pass a name of file that you want to open.

FBReader for other platforms

No. And no plans at this moment, sorry.

Latest FBReader for Windows version is 0.12.10, released for 32-bit platform only, sorry. We plan to build FBReader-Qt 1.0 for Windows (both 32 and 64 bits) as soon as FBReader 1.0 will be released.

There is an unsupported version for Bada. You can install it directly from Samsung Apps.

No. JavaME goes away, we prefer to spend our time and efforts for porting FBReader to modern platforms.


Please, send an email to Don't forget to mention platform you run FBReader. If the issue is specific for some book (and if this book is not copyrighted) please attach the file.

We do read all incoming emails. Unfortunately we have no special person to reply the messages. If you do not receive a reply this means we do spend our time to fix your issue.

B stands for Book. As for F we have several suggestions: Free, Fast, Famous, etc.